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An investigation into the sign, memory and self-awareness,

a process in progress.

Francesca Genna (1967), was born and settled in Sicily (Italy).

She is an artist, researcher and educator.

She has written Incisione Sostenibile, nuovi materiali e metodi dell’area non-toxic ( Navarra: 2009); revised and updated in Materiali e Metodi per l’Incisione Sostenibile, alcune esperienze, (Navarra:2015).

Collaborating as researcher and invited professor with  national and international Universities: i Roma , Urbino , Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Nürnberg, Berlin, Porto Alegre.

Her visual work has been exhibited widely: solo exhibitions have been organized in Barcelona, Lubijana, Roma, Firenze. 

She awards the European Award for Lifelong Passions in 2013 (Bolzano, Italy) and was invited artist in residence in Morocco: The Assilah Forum Foundation, 39° Moussem Culturel International 2017.


Ph. Mohammed El Fahssii

Quelli del NON_TOXIC

An all-Italian blog that was created to answer the many questions that come from many quarters on questions related to the retrieval and use in Italy of new materials called "non-toxic" for the Graphics of Art. It is a space under construction conducted by the writer and is dedicated above all to the Graphic Arts students, in particular to those of Palermo who with their collaboration constitute the greatest motivation and support.




A book that describes the techniques and accompanies them with concrete examples, from the use of saline alternatives to nitric acid, acrylic paints, water-based inks, photopolymers and the electrolytic system. Sustainable engraving is not a simple "green practice", but an attempt at cultural experience.

Navarra Editore

Francesca Genna


An opportunity to share and make known, collect and tell experiences. They promote intercultural dialogue by developing everything that favors autonomy and the construction of identity.

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